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The idea behind Sovix

Sovix is an online reputation management company that specialises in repairing reputational damage on the Internet. Whether you are an individual or a business, the information that is available online has an impact on your future or that of your organisation. Your online image is the first impression you give. It is your digital footprint. Sovix started with the idea of taking control of your digital footprint. We understand very well that a positive reputation is crucial for success.

We all like to search for information, and with a few quick scans we can form our opinion. So why not determine what information people see first? Sovix has developed a range of services that ensure the right information about you or your company is found.

Sovix assists different target groups with online reputation management.

Founders of Sovix
Founders of Sovix

The four pillars of Sovix

Sovix stands for carefulness, purposefulness, reliability, and unity. We understand that every situation is unique. This is why we value providing an appropriate solution, making a real difference, and contributing to your future.

Organisations are also gaining more control over personal data or information that is being spread online. Our motivation is to give control back to you. We believe it is important to assess and handle each situation fairly. Sovix’s goal is to manage information that is being spread. We promise to fully commit ourselves to you.

Through our years of experience in online reputation management, we have built up expertise that spans both breadth and depth. Not only can we help to remove inaccurate or outdated content, but we can also develop a recovery plan for a sustainable outcome.